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Stay Htoo Faith Story

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In the camp they have someone from the refugee service to teach us about coming to America. They show us about electric. Before coming to America we never cook in a house, we cook outside using a fire; we never use electric cooking. They teach us about making rice with electric and how to use a microwave and indoor water and plumbing. They show us how to wash our clothes using electric machines. We know nothing.

Stay Htoo's parents
Before I leave for America my ma and daddy come see me at the refugee camp. This was the first time I saw them in twenty years. They stay with me for two weeks. I am so happy to see them and I am sad to know I am leaving them. I don't know it but this will be the last time I see my daddy alive. He died five years after I come to America.

When we arrive in America we have to learn to crawl again, then walk. Everything we learn so slowly. Many American people are good to us and help us find our way. They show us how to do everything, go everywhere: find food, find a doctor. Even simple thing we do not know. Many people help us. God is with us too.

After one year in America I am working in a hotel making the beds. One day I have bad pain in my side. I cannot stand and I cannot sit. No matter what I do, the pain is so bad. I don't know what is wrong. I am afraid if I leave work I will lose my job. At that time my husband have only a part-time job. I need to work. I take a long scarf and wrap it very tight around me. It helps the pain and I can finish my work. But when I get home the pain is so awful. My husband, he is working, so just me and my three kids are at home. I have a cell phone with just five minutes time on it. I call my husband to come home; I call five times but he not pick up. I don't know no one. I don't know what to do. The pain make me cry and my kids they cry because I am crying. The neighbor upstairs, they hear all the crying and they come see me. I know them just a little. They call 911. When the ambulance come I have to leave my kids with the neighbor. I only know them only a little but what can I do?

At the hospital the doctor tell me they have to do the emergency surgery. The problem is my appendix. He ask me to sign the paper. I trust the doctor he knows what to do. I sign the paper. I am scared because I am so alone here, in this hospital and in this country, but I thank God for my life. If I have this problem in my country I would be dead. In my country there is no healthcare for me, no money for surgery. God save me. I am so thankful to God that I don't lose my life and my kids don't lose their mom.

I am never angry at God. I know he watches me and I know he is with me and my family. I know God and I believe in God all my life. He is with me in the jungle and in the camp and he is here now.

Stay Htoo's parents and kids
My life was hard in Burma and my life is not easy here either. It is a good life, but not easy and I still have worries. I worry for my kids and I worry about my job. But I don't think God wants my life to be easy. If my life is perfect and my children life is perfect maybe I forget God and I don't want to forget God.

In the next world it will be perfect. I know this. Then in the next world I will see my daddy again and all my family will be together and we will all live forever with God. We won't worry or hurt anymore.

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