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"A Brief History of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany"

The mission of the Church of England in what is now the Diocese of Albany began in 1674 with a chaplain assigned to the English garrison at Albany. He made occasional visitations by traveling up the Hudson River from New York City. In 1704, in response to the petition of five Mohawk chiefs, the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel sent two missionaries to the Indians in the wild Mohawk Valley, where the first Anglican church building was erected in 1711. It became the base from which further missions to the Indians spread.

Meanwhile, in 1708 another S.P.G. missionary settled in Albany and his coming marked the founding there of the Diocese's oldest parish, St. Peter's. He extended his ministry to nearby Schenectady, and by 1763, St. George's Church was built in that town. In 1765 the last of the colonial parishes, St. John's in Johnstown, was established. By the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Anglican missions were springing up in surrounding counties. However, the War proved disastrous to the English Church which for almost ten years after remained leaderless and disorganized.

With the formation of the Diocese of New York in 1785 (comprising the entire state), the Church began to reorganize its scattered life. By 1790, during the "Second Great Awakening" expanded missionary activity, begun under strong episcopal leadership, was largely sustained by a vigorous laity. By 1810, 14 priests served 25 parishes in buildings made possible by grants from Trinity Parish, New York City.

In 1868, nineteen counties in the northeastern quarter of the state were organized into the Diocese of Albany. Its first Bishop, William Croswell Doane, was elected in 1869 by a convention of 62 priests and 127 delegates. Bishop Doane's principles and personality had a profound and enduring effect upon the character of the Diocese of Albany. He organized the newly formed Diocese after the English model with a Cathedral See, and his "high" Churchmanship found expression in his establishment of St. Agnes School, The Child's Hospital, a community of women religious, and St. Margaret's House and Hospital for Babies.

Bishop Doane served until 1913. There have been eight subsequent Bishops of the Diocese of Albany, each with a unique and devoted service to the people of God, clerical and lay:

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