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Advice on Starting up a Parish Web Site

The Basics

If you are brand new to the exciting world of web development and are confused as to the lingo and mechanisms needed to begin publishing a web site, a good place to begin is the Society for Archbishop Justice at http://anglican.org/. This resource lists the issues involved with creating a parish web site as well as provides advice on how to organize your links, identify content as well as choose a host provider.

Site Hosting Solutions

There are a number of services that offer free web site hosting for individuals and not-for-profit institutions. The benefit of such services is that they are of no cost to the parish, and they typically utilize a web-based maintenance system (thus, the webmaster doesn't need to know html to maintain the site). The liabilities of such services include possible advertisements on the site, limitations on site size, and supportable files (i.e. audio or video capabilities).

Examples of free hosting services other parishes in the diocese have used:

The number of subscription-based hosting services available nationally are overwhelming, with a vast majority of them offering services and options that are well beyond what you may be looking for. Also, many of these hosting services require you to have a separately registered URL (i.e. www.stpaulstroy.org). This is a separate charge of $35 annually, with an initial two-year $70 startup. Many of these hosting services require a certain level of personal web expertise to develop a web site, although there are also full service web site development companies available as well (i.e. they will create your web site). These full-service companies can be somewhat pricey, depending upon how sophisticated you want your web site.

Resources for locating of subscription-based hosting services

Use of Diocesan Resources on your Web Site

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