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the 147th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany

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Workshop Descriptions

"...All the Realm Shall Have One Use...": A Survey of the Development and Use of the Book of Common Prayer (Very Rev. Dr. Steven Peay)
How did the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) come to be? What were the prayer forms that preceded it? How has this one book had such an influence on so many people? Why does it continue to be a viable aid to devotion and spiritual growth? These are all questions that will be considered during this workshop by the Very Reverend Steven Peay, PhD, Dean and President and Professor of Homiletics and Church History at Nashotah House Theological Seminary. Fr. Peay will take us from the roots of the BCP through its various versions in England and the US. He'll also offer a word on its use for both public and private prayer.
Be Scared, Be Very Scared (Rev. Laurie Garramone)
When I arrived at my new church assignment, my goal was simple: love God, love his people. Yet, from nearly the first day, we began getting Holy Spirit nudges about how to stretch ourselves spiritually and literally, culminating in the complete renovation of our Parish Hall and the purchase of an additional 18,000 square foot building! Consequently, we have, by the grace of God and His people, been able to raise close to $500,000 for continued renovations to our existing historic church building. By walking through some of that journey, and by identifying where God is calling you and your congregation to step out in faith and risk (sometimes with a bit of fear!), we will try to discern concrete steps toward beginning new ministries and greater spiritual growth in your church. I promise you - this workshop is not about the glory of St. John's, but it is about the glory of God, and how to be faithful to the vision He has for your congregation that you might not yet see.
Beyond the Shamrock: Preaching, Teaching, and Witnessing to the Holy Trinity (Rev. Tom Malionek)
That God is Trinity is a mystery, hard to understand and even harder to explain. Hardest of all may be the question: Why bother? What makes this mystery so central and important to Christian believers? Is it just an optional, advanced topic for academic theologians in ivory towers? Or does this intellectually challenging doctrine harbor within itself a thrilling, life-giving adventure of faith for any believer who wants to live and spread the fullness of Gospel life? What do we miss when we misunderstand or misrepresent the Triune God? Is it worth bringing the classical truth of the Three-in-One God closer to the forefront in conversation with people from faith traditions that don’t care, don't profess, or actively oppose it? If so, then how? If not, why insist on baptism in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? And why has the legend of Saint Patrick and the shamrock remained such a prominent feature of our lore about the conversion of the Irish? Join Father Tom Malionek as we explore some compelling, far from academic answers to these questions. Together we will discover fresh, vivid ways in which to present the doctrine of the Trinity as a source of life and vitality in faith and evangelism - beyond the shamrock.
Building Your House of Prayer Upon the Rock (Mother Miriam, CSM)
The Lord's Prayer is the center of the Sermon on the Mount, certainly the center of the Three Streams of the Church. This being the Sisters' sesquicentennial year, Mother Miriam will share a series of three-point meditations on the Lord's Prayer that Mother Mary Maude, the best Novice Mistress in the Community's history, wrote to teach prayer to her novices.
Daniel Strong in the Kitchen (Mac MacDonald, Mary MacDonald)
Join Mac and Mary MacDonald for a lively explanation of the Daniel Plan. Learn about the five fundamentals of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends and how they all work together to create the healthy bodies God designed us to have. Mac and Mary will provide you with advice and tips to help you make living the Daniel Plan easy and fun. This workshop is designed as a follow-up and complement to Living Daniel Strong
The Essence of Evangelicalism (Rt. Rev. Harold Miller)
At the age of 15, I had a conversion experience - 50 years ago this July. In truth, it was a conversion to Christ, but also a conversion from dead religion to evangelical faith. From that moment on, I have happily described myself as 'evangelical,' sometimes as an adjective, sometimes as a noun. That evangelicalism has been enlivened by relationships with other streams, especially the charismatic, but also the catholic. This seminar will explore what is at the heart of evangelical belief and experience, and perhaps why I sometimes think of writing a book entitled, '...And please God, I'll die an Evangelical'!
Evangelism: Recruiting, Training and Deploying Evangelists in Our Diocese and Parishes (Rt. Rev. Todd McGregor, Rev. Ian Montgomery, Torre Bissell)
There are two workshops that build upon each other.

Workshop #1 will cover identifying those who feel so called and discerning that call and gifting. We will then look at models from elsewhere in the Anglican Communion - particularly looking at Kenya and Madagascar where Bishop Todd has long experience in this field. We are not particularly looking at clergy calling but lay calling. Clergy who want to explore this ministry and work with evangelists in their parishes are especially invited to participate. One goal of this workshop is to see if we can develop a cadre of trained and deployed evangelists in the Diocese of Albany.

Workshop #2 will cover the elements of training and deployment, the relationship of Bishop and clergy with licensed evangelists, and their supervision and ongoing encouragement.
From the Inner City to Lambeth Palace: A Half-Century of Ordained Ministry
(Most Rev. George Carey, 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury)

A workshop extra for Priests and Deacons drawing on the Archbishop's over 50 years serving Christ.
Great Commissions (Rt. Rev. Grant LeMarquand)
The passage at the end of Matthew's Gospel (Matthew 28:16-20) in which Jesus sends His disciples to make disciples of all nations is often referred to as "The Great Commission." There are, however, other "great commissions" in the Gospels and the book of Acts. When we look at these passages together, we see a bigger picture than if we just looked at one passage - in fact we see that mission is God's idea, that God the Father sends the Son, Jesus; that as Jesus was sent by the Father, so He sends us in the power of the Spirit. Before mission was ever "the mission of the church" it was "the mission of God." The world mission of the church, in other words, has its origin in the very heart of the Trinity: Father Son and Holy Spirit. Come and learn from the Scriptures together.
Healing a Woman's Soul: Who Is Your One in Four? (Rev. Anne Curtin, Rebecca Alamillo)
One in four women are victims of domestic violence over their lifetimes. Come and find out how you can increase your awareness and how you can make a difference.
Introducing the DASH Event (Rev. Scott Evans, Rev. David Haig, Ven. Harvey Huth, Rev. Nixon McMillan, Rev. Derik Roy, Rev. Jill Stellman, Timothy Condon, Sue Ellen Ruetsch)
On July 31, 2014 Bishop Love convened a task force to put flesh on his vision for a "preaching mission" in the Diocese of Albany. Rooted in our diocesan "Passion for Jesus" and a strong impulse to obey the Great Commission, this original group of five began to meet on a regular basis to discern and discuss how this mission would take shape. We were led away from the models of tent crusades and revival meetings to something quite different. The vision shifted to a coffee house atmosphere in a community building using music, humor, testimonies, drama, a message and small table group discussion. A key element is personal invitation of a friend or acquaintance by a member of the believing community. After the event, the believer would strive to remain in regular contact to nurture growth, answer questions, and demonstrate the love of Christ in that relationship. In this workshop the task force - now eight in number - will share the DASH event with those who attend. So why is it called the DASH event? Come and find out!
Living Daniel Strong (Mac MacDonald, Mary MacDonald)
Join Mac and Mary MacDonald for a lively explanation of the Daniel Plan. Learn about the five fundamentals of Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus and Friends and how they all work together to create the healthy bodies God designed us to have. Mac and Mary will provide you with advice and tips to help you make living the Daniel Plan easy and fun. This workshop will be followed by a workshop full of practical tips for being Daniel Strong in the Kitchen
Making the Connections: What Does the Trinity have to do with "Three Streams"? (Ven. Dr. Christopher Brown)
This workshop is intended to clarify the theme of the Convention, "Three Persons, One God, Three Streams, One Church." How does our understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit shape our lives as Christians, and especially the life we live in common? What does it mean to say that the Church - as the Body of Christ - is Catholic, Evangelical and Charismatic? In what way does this three-fold character reflect the inner life of the triune God revealed through Jesus Christ? How does the getting the theology right help us to get the Church's mission right?
Moore! Moore! Moore! (Karen Love)
Beth Moore's Women Bible Studies are a passionate, knowledgeable, and fun way to facilitate outreach while diving into God's holy words. This workshop will outline some of Beth Moore's 18 programs and provide a discussion on how to start a program in your church. Some parishes in our diocese own Beth Moore DVDs which can be borrowed to help reduce costs. Come to find out what these women bible studies are all about or to share what programs you have done and recommend.
The Order of St. Francis (Rev. Mike Nuefeld)
Have you seen people walking around wearing an unusual looking cross on a cord with three knots? These folks are members of the Franciscan Community of the Holy Cross, and their cross is a replica of the one which spoke to St. Francis of Assisi: "Go, rebuild my Church." The Franciscan movement from its beginning has greatly valued the catholic appreciation of Sacraments and has worked to evangelize the world in the power of the Holy Spirit (the three streams). Our spirituality is centered on the Cross of Jesus Christ crucified for us, truly risen and coming again. St. Francis poetically spoke of "Lady Poverty" as his ideal and guide to living in and through Christ crucified. Come and learn about the Way of St. Francis in following our Lord and Savior in dying to rise to new life.
Safeguarding God's Children (Rev. Michael Gorchov, Mrs. Marianne Gorchov)
Safeguarding God's Children provides participants with the information they need to protect the children they know and care for in their personal lives and the ministries in which they serve. The aim of the seminars is to help parishes develop a culture, including policies and procedures, that protects children from predators. The Safeguarding God's Children program was developed by the Church Pension Group in concert with Praesidium, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in the production of professional programs, videos and text materials for churches and not-for-profit groups.
Soul of the Arctic Video (Rt. Rev. Darren McCartney)
Bp. McCartney will present a video of the ministry of the church of the Arctic, with time for questions following.
Things That Are Working Well: A follow up discussion on the results of the Parish Leadership Conferences (The Venerable David Collum, Rev. Dr. Leander Harding)
The recent Parish Leadership Conferences provided very interesting information about what helps people grow in their faith in the parishes of our diocese and what initiatives, programs, and ministries are working especially well in our parishes. There is much food for thought here including important clues to planning for the future. Come and hear more about the results in detail and join the conversation as we reflect together about what this means for our parishes and our diocese.
Using the Liturgy for Pastoral Care (Rev. Mark Michael)
This session is designed for visitation teams, Stephen Ministers, Lay Eucharistic Visitors, prayer table staffers, and others who bring comfort and encouragement to people in distress (clergy are also welcome). The Book of Common Prayer is a treasury for the strengthening and consolation of God's people, and this course presents some of its most valuable resources and gives advice about situations in which they can be used fruitfully.
Vestry Retreats at Christ the King (Rt. Rev. Dan Herzog, Canon Robert Haskell, Rev. Tom Papazoglakis, Rev. Mark Chesnut)
Vestry service can be fulfilling or frustrating. Leading a parish can too. This applies to laity and clergy alike. A focused Vestry retreat can help direct a Vestry from frustration to fulfillment by helping to clarify goals, increase collaboration, gain satisfaction and become a means of grace for the parish's present and future. Christ the King will begin offering focused Vestry Retreats for parishes who desire to strengthen, restart or revamp their common life. This workshop is an introduction to the team-led retreat advantage and how a parish can benefit.
Walking in the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit (Dr. Wendy LeMarquand)
This workshop will look at how to put this prayer (known as "The Grace") into practice in our daily life and in our sphere of ministry.
We Showed Up, We Prayed, God Did Stuff (Rev. Christina Hunter, Rev. Paul Hunter, Rev. Hannah Mudge)
The Rev. Christina Hunter and the Rev. Hannah Mudge from Oaks of Righteousness team up with the Rev. Paul Hunter from the Cathedral of All Saints to talk about urban ministry. They use tools from the evangelical, charismatic and catholic streams of Anglicanism to reach into their neighborhoods and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Join a discussion on how to use biblical storytelling, spiritual gifts, and Prayer Book liturgy to reach your community for the Gospel.
The Welcome Home Initiative©(Rev. Mike Nuefeld, Noel Dawes)
The Welcome Home Initiative© is 3-day retreat bringing spiritual and soul relief to military veterans and their spouses who have served in a combat zone and may be suffering in mind, body and soul from combat-related stress such as Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other wounds incurred in the combat area including sexual trauma. The next retreat is November 8-11, 2015. The retreat, which is free for the veteran and his or her spouse, is a great way to say, "Thank You! Welcome Home!" Over 100 veterans have been significantly helped since retreats started in 2008. This workshop is for you if you are interested to find out more about what happens during the retreat or if you feel called to support it in any other way - including being part of the prayer ministry team or helping to provide scholarships so veterans and their spouses can continue to attend the retreat without cost. We will share stories of healing and about how you can encourage a veteran or spouse by coming to the public closing service at the end of each retreat.
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