Episcopal Diocese of Albany


Summary of Actions of the 148th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany

Abide in Christ
Bear Fruit
Glorify God

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Episcopal Appointments

Christ the King Spiritual Life Center Advisory Commission
Randall Demler
The Rev. Laurie Garramone
The Ven. Dr. Leander Harding
The Ven. Harvey Huth
Robert Iseman
The Very Rev. Neal Longe
Mother Miriam, CSM
The Rev. Tom Papazoglakis
The Very Rev. Derik Roy
Elizabeth Strickland
The Rev. Sandy Tatem

Commission on Ministry (New Appointments)
The Rev. Patricia Beauharnois
Darlene Chesnut
Randall Demler
Ann McMillan
Jack Ratzel
The Rev. Howard Smith
The Rev. Lora Smith

Committee on Church Architecture and the Arts
The Rev. Cn Charles King, Chair
George Baldwin
Jeffrey Gullock
Jeffrey Hart
The Rev. Nixon McMillan
The Rev. Thomas Papazoglakis
Charles Szuberla

Committee on Convention Arrangements
Carol Drummond, Chair
The Rev. Cn. Matt Baker
Lay Cn. Jerry Carroll
The Rev. Nancy Goff
Margaret Haskell
The Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog
Archdeacon Harvey Huth
John Iseman
Sue Ellen Ruetsch
The Rev. Marian Sive
The Rev. Jill Stellman

Committee to Approve the Minutes of Convention
Archdeacon Harvey Huth, Chair
The Rev. David Haig
The Very Rev. David Ousley
The Rev. Marian Sive

Diocesan Development Fund
Cn Robert Haskell, Chair
Clark Curtis, Treasurer
John Boyce
Robert Boynton
Jeffrey Brown
Lay Cn. Jerry Carroll
Joy Felber
The Rev. David Haig
The Rev. Art Peters
Charles Szuberla

Finance Committee
Clark Curtis, Treasurer
The Rev. William Tatem, Assistant Treasurer
Debbie Bisner
David Brenner
Lay Cn. Jerry Carroll
Nancy Priputen Madrian
The Rev. Nancy Kin

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