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Summary of Actions of the 148th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany

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Resolution #1
RESOLVED, that Diocese of Albany Operations Budget 2017, as presented in this Convention Book, be adopted.

Resolution #2
RESOLVED, that the Reduced Standard Assessment Formula, as presented in the Convention Book, be used for calculating Parish Assessments for 2017.

Resolution #3
RESOLVED that Canon 15 of the Canons of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany entitled Diocesan Committee on Church Architecture and the Arts be amended to read as follows:

15.1 – Composition and Appointment
At each Annual Meeting of the Convention, the Bishop shall appoint a Committee on Church Architecture and The Arts, consisting of at least seven members who whose members shall have skill and competence in architecture, engineering or the arts.

15.2 – Submission of Plans Encouraged
Each Parish or Congregation, Corporation or Institution of this Diocese, contemplating new construction or material changes in existing structures, including permanent changes in the decor thereof, before undertaking such work, shall is encouraged to submit plans and specifications for such work to the Committee for advice.

15.3 – Relationship with Diocesan Development Fund
Each Parish, Congregation, Corporation or Institution of this Diocese which submits plans to the Committee in a timely fashion prior to the start of construction and which is granted a loan for the construction from the Diocesan Development Fund shall be compensated with a reduction of one-half percent in the interest rate charged for the loan.

Be it Further Resolved pursuant to Canon 17.3 of the Canons of the Diocese of Albany that a majority of the voters here present are in favor of considering the Amendment to Canon 15 despite the fact that the Amendment did not meet the ninety-day deadline for submission to the Secretary to Convention.

Resolution #4
This resolution to increase clergy salaries by 1% was amended to include implementation of reductions in any parish's assessable parish income by an amount equal to the excess of their clergyperson's salary above the minimum level. The motion was tabled for further study of the financial implications for the diocese and future consideration by the Diocesan Council.

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