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Workshop Schedule for the 148th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany

Abide in Christ
Bear Fruit
Glorify God

This schedule is subject to change without notice.

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Saturday, June 11th, 2016

Workshops - Session 6: 2:30 - 3:15 pm

Workshop Title Presenter(s) Location
Addicition: A Pastoral Approach Rev. Frank Lockwood, Rev. Michael Neufeld Sports Complex
Bishop's Call: Spare God's Children Rev. Lynne Curtis, CSW, Rev. Nancy Goff, Rev. Hannah Mudge Jelinek 1B
The Dash Event: Sharing the Gospel with the Un-Churched in a Comfortable Setting Rt. Rev. William Love, Mr. Timothy Condon, Rev. Scott Evans, Rev. David Haig, Ven. Harvey Huth, Very Rev. Nixon McMillan, Very Rev. Derik Roy, Mrs. Sue Ellen Ruetsch, Rev. Jill Stellman Buirkle Center
Fresh Expressions: An Approach to Evangelism and Church Growth
Rev. Leander Harding, Rev. Alistair Morrison Demarest B
From Confusion to Fruit: How to Discern Spiritual Gifts
Rev. Ellen C. Neufeld Purdy Center Computer Room
Healing & Holiness: Crockpots and Microwaves Rt. Rev. Daniel Herzog Buirkle Annex
The Heart of Renewed Discipleship is Obedience
Mrs. Debby Gross, Mrs. Sue Hall, Mrs. Pam Hastings Zeitfuss II Conference Room
Making Disciples of Jesus Among the Least and the Lost
Mr. Dan Towner, Mrs. Lillian Towner, Mr. Tom Tacconelli Demarest A
The Meaning, The Model and The Method of Glorifying God
Rev. Desmond Francis Zeitfuss II Great Room
My Hope: A Proven Approach To Evangelism In The Local Church
Pastor Jim Wolford Jelinek 1A
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