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For the purposes of this Covenant, I, the undersigned, understand that the Episcopal Diocese of Albany defines sexual misconduct in the following way:

a. Sexual abuse or sexual molestation of any person, including but not limited to, any sexual involvement or sexual contact with a person who is a minor or who is legally incompetent. Sexual abuse is a criminal offense in all jurisdictions in this diocese and must be reported to law enforcement officials. It is Diocesan policy to make such reports immediately and to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in investigating any allegations of sexual abuse.

b. Sexual Harassment in a situation where there is an employment, mentor, or colleague relationship between the persons involved, including but not limited to, sexually-oriented humor or language; questions or comments about sexual behavior or preference unrelated to employment qualifications; undesired physical contact; inappropriate comments about clothing or physical appearance; or repeated requests for social engagements.

c. Sexual Exploitation, including but not limited to, the development of or the attempt to develop a sexual relationship between a cleric, employee or volunteer and a person with whom he/she has a pastoral relationship, whether or not there is apparent consent from the individual. Sexual exploitation includes, but is not limited to, activity such as intercourse, kissing, touching breasts or genitals, dating during the course of a counseling relationship, verbal suggestions of sexual involvement or sexually demeaning comments.

I agree to abstain from any behavior that constitutes sexual abuse, sexual harassment, or sexual exploitation of children or adults while I minister in any institution related to the Diocese of Albany, regardless of whether I work as a paid employee or volunteer.

I understand that if I engage in such behavior I will be subject to a disciplinary process and agree to fully participate in that process. Further, I acknowledge that such process may result in termination of employment or assignment and, if ordained, inhibition, suspension or deposition according to the Canons of the Episcopal Church.

I acknowledge that I have received the Episcopal Diocese of Albany's Sexual Misconduct Policies and Procedures Manual, I understand it, and agree to abide by it.

To be signed, dated and witnessed.

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