The Revs Shaw and Julia Mudge
Shaw and Julia Mudge
The Revs. Shaw and Julia Mudge
The Mudges have been serving as missionaries with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders) for about 3 years, with the majority of that time spent in Peru. They have also served in East Africa, teaching Diocesan workshops in Gulu and Mityana, Uganda. Both of the Mudges taught at the Diocesan seminary in Peru, with Fr. Mudge also serving as Academic Dean and Mtr. Mudge serving as Registrar. Mtr. Mudge also oversaw the Commission on Ministry process for the Diocese of Peru. It was during their time as instructors in Peru that they first became involved in on-line education.

The Mudge's experience in Peru eventually led them to a partnership with the Dioceses of Belize, West Tanganykia (Kasulu Bible College), and Albany to develop an on-line theological education program. This program has just begun its first class, Biblical Interpretation, through the Belize campus, and a full program is currently under development. This program will consist of approximately 58 courses to be taken over the span of three and a half years. Courses for the West Tanganykia and Albany campuses will begin in early to mid 2013. For further information on the courses offered and resources available through these campuses, click here.

Before becoming missionaries, both of the Mudges served as priests in the Episcopal Diocese of Albany, NY. Fr. Mudge was Chief Architect of and instructor for the Diocese of Albany's Deacon Formation Program. He was also a parish Rector in the Diocese for 11 years and was secretary of the Diocese for 9 years.

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Make checks payable to SAMS and write "Shaw and Julie Mudge Mission" in the memo line.

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