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The 2008 Mission to the Dominican Republic

This is the report for the TENTH Dominican Republic mission trip which took place on FEBRUARY 29th - March 9th, to San Pedro de MarcoIs. We are blessed to share with all of you the work of the team as they brought Healing, Comfort and Hope, to some of the worldís poorest people and we know that this would not have been possible without your contributions, your prayers, your support and your enthusiasm!This yearís 2008 team lead spiritually by The Rev. Blair Biddle, Deacon Vicar of St. Paulís Episcopal Church consisted of 23 member medical team. To compliment and work along side the medical team, one person worked on a pure water project to bring education and do hands on work on an existing water purification system already present in Buen Pastor. The medical team consisted of 2 MDs, 1 CNP, 2 PAs, 1 RPT, 5 RNís, 1 Pharmacist, 3 translators , a prayer team and support persons (ages 14 and up), who traveled to the barrios (slums) of Gautier and Las Flores and in and around the city of San Pedro de Marcois. The Medical Team saw an average of 130 - 140 patients each day treating a gamut of illnesses including skin rashes,, ear/throat infections, high blood pressure, upper respiratory infections, major infections of hands and feet,, and "gripe" or flu. Twelve high powered hearing aids were delivered to children who had waited since last year for hearing aids from a local school for deaf children in San Pedro de Marcois and several left more Buen Pastor. However the majority of illness continues to be caused by water born intestinal parasites causing diarrhea which leads to severe dehydration especially in infants, small children and the elderly. The Pure Water Team member saw patients in Gautier who suffered from water born parasites educating them about the importance of clean water and itís role in prevention of sickness. They also were able to link up with community leaders to arrange for further distribution of an inexpensive/simple water purification system. We were able to talk to some patients who have been using the system since last year successfully. In Buen Pastor he was able to hook up and begin to run the filtration system that had been put into place by another church team prior to our arrival.

Spiritual healing took place at the medical sites as each patient left the clinic being given the gift of a small cross and being anointed and blessed by our prayer team.

One of the most wonderful parts of the mission continues to be our opportunity to worship with our Dominican Brothers and sisters. Our clergy were invited to share in leading these worship services along side the Dominican clergy, The team was also inspired daily each morning by team memberís homilys reminding us that the most important aspect of the mission is our sharing of Godís Love, pure and simple, by our smiles, hugs and presence there. The Dominican Republic Mission Team 2008, once again thanks you for your generous donations, your support and your prayers. This mission has continued to grow because of the support of so many in our community and beyond!

It is truly one of our richest blessings to be able to share the greatest gift of all, Godís Love.

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