Mary Sherwood
Mary Sherwood
Mary Sherwood – Antananarivo, Madagascar
Mary has spent just over 27 years serving God and His people overseas. She has 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren. Mary's first 7 years as a missionary were spent in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, where she taught at Selwyn College, the Anglican Church of Melanesia Secondary School, and at the "Sisters of the Church." Mary also assisted the Bishop and clergy with various spiritual renewal programs.

The past 17 years she has been in Madagascar. Mary continues to be extremely involved with the Akany Famonjena orphanage and the Akany Tafita center. When home, her life and work are two-fold. She communicates with the Malagasy leadership by e-mail. Also, because both centers still depend greatly on funding from this side of the world, Mary continues to visit sponsor churches and groups in both Canada and the United States, encouraging continued support and inviting new churches to become part of the Madagascar sponsor team. Mary will be returning to Madagascar in the Fall of 2010.

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