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March 25, 2006: The Election of the Bishop Coadjutor of Albany

Saturday, March 25, 2006 promises to be another momentous day in the 138 year history of the Diocese of Albany. On that day, the Cathedral of All Saints will host the election of a Bishop Coadjutor…the eventual successor to the current diocesan, Bishop Daniel W. Herzog.

January 23rd was the deadline for receiving Nomination Forms. As of that date, 11 Nominees announced their intention to be candidates. Among the requirements to be a Nominee are that he/she be a “priest of the Anglican Communion in good standing and at least 30 years of age.” Other requirements include a completed Nomination Form, biographical sketch, photo, Oxford Document Management Company Background Check, and typed responses to 17 questions prepared by the Standing Committee. The Nominees who have officially entered their names as of January 23rd, their bios and the questions asked of them are part of this month’s issue of The Albany Episcopalian.

Members of all parishes of the Diocese will have two opportunities to meet and ask questions of the Nominees in an open forum. The first will be March 4th at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, Greenwich, and the second will be March 24th at St. George’s Church, Clifton Park. All members of the Diocese are welcome. Details regarding registration and schedule for each event can be found on the diocesan website www.albanydiocese.org

Voting on Saturday, March 25th, 2006 will be a Vote by Orders, whereby a majority of votes in both the clergy and lay orders are needed to declare a victor. Canonically-resident clergy each have one vote, and each parish lay deputation has one vote. Unlike the last two elections when Bishop Herzog and Bishop Bena enjoyed first ballot victories, this election is expected to be one of great length, perhaps involving many ballots before a coadjutor is finally determined.

When elected by a majority vote of clergy and lay deputies, the next step is for the Bishop Coadjutor-Elect to obtain Consent at General Convention, scheduled for June 2006 in Columbus, Ohio. (General Convention is held every three years.) In accordance with Article II, Sec 2, and Canon III.22.3 of the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention, the Bishop Coadjutor-Elect must receive the consent of a majority Bishops in jurisdiction and a majority of the House of Deputies.

Once Consent is obtained, Consecration will surely follow. At this writing, the Consecration date and place have been tentatively set to be held at the New York State Convention Center, Albany, on September 16 th, 2006. After the Consecration, and in accordance with Article II, Sec 1 of the Constitution and Canons of the General Convention, the Bishop Coadjutor will become the 9th Bishop of Albany within the next 36 months.

Bishop Dan, Bishop Dave and the entire Standing Committee ask everyone to pray for the Nominees, clergy and lay deputies in the days and months ahead.

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