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Health Line Sudan...

As there is a peace agreement in Sudan now, refugees will be headed back to their homeland in droves. They will return with nothing to a land torn by war. Disease will be rampant and their needs will be severe. The Church is in position to really help, and The Diocese of Albany are a part of that.

Combined with Church Mission Society-Ireland and Dr. Ian Clark, a former CMS missionary, the Albany Diocese will assist in rolling out medical clinics throughout Sudan, beginning in the Diocese of Yei. Dr. Ian Clark has a plan which will meet many needs of these communities and has previously proven itself fruitful in Uganda.

In late August Kevin Steckline will travel to Belfast Ireland to meet up with David Gough from CMS-Ireland, and Jane Corbett of the Diocese of Down and Dromore. Together the three will travel to Uganda to meet with Dr. Clark.

From here they will travel into Southern Sudan to several of the villages where our primary concentration will be. Much of this first trip will be considered 'fact finding' and they will return with a much clearer understanding of the needs in this new endeavor. It is being unveiled as "Health Line Sudan". We will be in a position to tell much more about it at the Mission's Conference this fall.

Prayer needs to be the backbone of this mission.

-Kevin Steckline from Albany Diocese,
-Jane Corbett from Down and Dromore,
-David Gough of CMS-Ireland) Dr. Ian Clark and his family;
-the Sudanese refugees as they return to their villages;
-for the proper individuals from each community to be chosen and trained;
-for materials, medicines, general provision;
-for the peace agreement to really take hold throughout Sudan;
-for forgiveness and a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit.

- from Mother Miriam and the Sisters

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