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Update on Flooded Parishes

Dear Bishop Dan,

I am pleased to report that considerable progress has been made toward complete recovery for the parishes in the Susquehanna Deanery most seriously damaged by the early summer flooding. Thanks to a concerted effort by generous individuals and churches near and far, the church facilities of St. Matthew's in Unadilla and St. Paul's in Sidney are cleaned-up and on their way to full restoration. As you know, all of the Diocese of Albany parishes in that area were able to assist individual parishioners with flood damage on their way to recovery with aid from ERD. There continues to be a need for assistance in the final stages of physical plant recovery for St. Paul's, as well as assistance in getting two ministry project operations restored before the winter's time of highest need by the populations served.

St. Paul's in Sidney

The undercroft which contained the parish office, kitchen, ministry to the homeless and needy and parish hall was at one point flooded by nearly 8 feet of water. The area has been cleaned and supplies for rebuilding ordered. Canon Matt Baker and I were able to visit a short time ago with Deacon Jim Shevlin and several members of the Vestry, and they are enthusiastically pursuing the opportunity to restore and renew their facility. They do need hands to accomplish the task. Two 8-5 workdays have been established, Saturday, September 9 and Saturday, September 23 to sheetrock, build shelving, install kitchen cabinets and flooring, and paint among other projects. Those with professional plumbing, electrical and carpentry skills are also needed for parts of the various projects. Those planning to attend should please call St. Paul's at 607-563-3391 or email Deacon Jim at jshevlin@msn.com or Joy Felber at jnfelber@tds.net.

The "Covers of Love" and "Touch of Love" ministries to the homeless and needy are in need of supplies to restart the outreach ministry. Jeanie Shevlin heads this project, which provides homemade sleeping bags and self-care supplies for the homeless and clothing for families in need, and has provided a complete list of items which those interested in helping can receive by emailing me at pgibbons@CtKCenter.org.

St. Matthew's in Unadilla

Deacon Roy VanDermark has asked for assistance in gaining items to restock the Unadilla food bank, which was flooded and inventory lost at a time of great need. To meet need and prepare for winter the food bank needs small boxes of powdered milk, dry cereal, peanut butter, canned tuna, boxed mac & cheese. Contact Deacon Roy at royvandermark@frontiernet.net.

2. Many thanks to the folks from St. John's in Ogdensburg and St. George's in Clifton Park who helped St. Matthews to rebuild their offices and Sunday school rooms.

In Christ,
Patti Gibbons

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