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Update on Dioceses of Albany & Down And Dromore

March 11-18, 2006, 11 clergy and laity from the Albany Diocese crossed the Atlantic for another Conference visit to the Diocese of Down & Dromore, Northern Ireland.

This year's Conference focused on exposing parishes from each diocese to determine if parish – parish Links are possible. Since the Link's formation, the basic objective has been to support mutual equipping, ministry, and mission in faithfulness to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. That effort has brought numerous exchanges of clergy, laypeople, and youth from both dioceses, as well as a strong partnership between the two dioceses.

Spokesman and Albany Link person, Ed McNamara, stated, "We as a group believe that this was a very successful conference and we were especially blessed by the fine hospitality and many new friends from Down & Dromore. We look forward to hosting them at the Convention and at the consecration of Bishop Love in September."

The Conference concluded that we should continue to build and enhance the LINK and focus on "Teaming - Parish to Parish, and Communication."

Attendees from Albany were Fr. William Love, David and Barbara Beaulac (St Mary's, Lake Luzerne), Rev'ds Michael and Ellen Neufeld, Lynne Bansavage, Teresa Van Wie (St Andrews, Scotia), Mary and Rich Van Leuven, Joyce and Edward McNamara (Trinity, Potsdam).

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