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Letter From Bishop Dan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A casual newspaper reader or TV viewer could conclude that the Episcopal Church thinks of nothing except sex. What a surprise the 2006 Convention of the Diocese of Albany would be it they visited!

Focused on the central doctrine of the Christian faith, the Trinity, the dozens of workshops will draw on this revealed truth to formulate our mission and ministry.

The whole great gathering will spend three days together, ordain new deacons, support the Youth Rally, elect leaders, do the business of the diocese, experience dynamic worship, ancient liturgy, healing ministry and much fellowship. Personal time will permit participation in many workshops, the reconciliation of a penitent, great meals and the key ministry of encouragement to one another. Its final day will be the great Prayer Book liturgy of Trinity Sunday.

Bishop-elect Father Bill Love will spend these three days with his future flock before we all depart for his confirmation at the General Convention in Columbus.

I ask every disciple to pray daily for the outpouring of the Lord's blessing on this Convention.

How do we apply the truths of Trinitarian revelation to our lives? By applying the basics: Church every Sunday; pray and read the Bible daily; support the local parish; take part in apostolic work (such as Alpha, Daughters of the King, Cursillo, Brotherhood of St Andrew, local outreach); love our neighbors; pray for our clergy, our parish, our diocese, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center and our overseas mission work.

God loves us so much that He wants to catch us up into the life of the Trinity. He wants us to know the Father's love, the desire of the Son for our salvation, and the power of the Holy Spirit to sanctify us. That is an awesome wish for us; and its fulfillment takes us into eternity.

In Christ Jesus,
Bishop Dan

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