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A Letter From Bishop Dan

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Consecration of Bishop Love was a tangible reminder of the apostolic succession to which our Communion has laid claim since the Reformation. It is more than "passing on the baton". It is in fact a transmission of both apostolic faith and apostolic authority. The bishop serves as a principal witness to Jesus' resurrection, the chief proclaimer of the Gospel, and high priest of the Sacraments of the New Covenant.

In October and November Bishop Bill will work side by side with Bishop Dave as I take a short sabbatical for some extended prayer and study. In December and January I'll work closely with Bp Bill conveying the variety of expectations and duties that surround the office. Basic message we have: there is never enough time, no matter how many hours you labor each day. So like all other Christians, we need to be sure that Prayer is first. Along with the Scriptures and the Eucharist.

Folks always hope that the new bishop will be able to solve most, if not all problems, theological and practical. The new bishop can do a lot, assuming he has the prayerful support of his clergy and people. This support is manifested in simple ways: 1) attending church every Sunday to pray for him, to strengthen the local parish; 2) sacrificially supporting your parish, with tithing the goal of every household. When faithful worship + sacrificial giving are the hallmarks, then we know that we're not pitching ourselves to the least committed, but drawing from the more committed. (If you have not done so, increase your parish giving $2 a week.)

Each missionary outpost needs to be an environment of love. The chronic ailments of gossip, complaint competition need to give way to genuine love, encouragement in holy living and a desire to bless others.

Bishop Bill enters the episcopate at a difficult time in the life of the church. He merits your prayers, support and generous loyalty.

In Christ Jesus,
+ Dan

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