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A Word of Thanks

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

So much has happened these past several months, but before I can say anything else, I must first say THANK YOU to the hundreds of people throughout the Diocese and larger Church who have been holding my family and me up in prayer ever since my election as Bishop Coadjutor on March 25th. I was especially touched by those of you who committed yourselves to be part of a 24 hour prayer vigil for the entire month leading up to my ordination and consecration. To get up at all hours of the night and day and spend an hour in prayer for someone is a true act of sacrificial love. God Bless You!!!

Your prayers have helped sustain and strengthen us during a time of tremendous change – the graduation of our son Chris, from high school and his moving off to college; the search for, renovation of and moving to a new home; saying good by to my parish family at St. Mary’s after 14 years as their rector; surviving the General Convention; assisting with the plans and details involved with the ordination and consecration service; and finally, transitioning into a new ministry as Bishop Coadjutor during a very difficult and uncertain time in the life of the Church. Your love, prayers and many acts of kindness have been such a blessing, as well as all the many gifts given to help purchase the vestments I will need as bishop. I can never thank you enough.

I am both honored and humbled to have been chosen to be Bishop Coadjutor of the Diocese of Albany. Following in the footsteps of Bishop Dan and Bishop Dave (two men I greatly admire and respect), will be no easy task. Through the grace of God and guidance of the Holy Spirit, as well as your continued prayers and support, I will do my very best to faithfully serve our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.

Because I am new to many, there has been some concern as to what direction I will lead the Church. The first thing to remember is that I am not yet the Diocesan. Bishop Dan is doing an outstanding job leading our Diocese. As Bishop Coadjutor, I will be working closely with both Bishop Dan and Bishop Dave, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, remaining faithful to Holy Scripture and the traditional teachings of the Church, and ministering to the pastoral and sacramental needs of the Diocese.

During the election process as well as following the election, I have been up front and honest as to where I stand theologically. Nothing has changed. I recently returned from meeting with a group of Windsor bishops, who are committed to trying to bring healing and restoration into the Church, while remaining firmly connected with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the wider Anglican Communion. In a letter addressed to the House of Bishops, we proclaimed our faith in Jesus Christ as The Way, The Truth, and The Life, recognizing the authority of Holy Scripture as the Living Word of God, and our acceptance and adherence to the Windsor Report as the way forward in our relationship with the wider Anglican Communion. We are committed to upholding the traditional teaching of the Church as expressed not only in the Windsor Report, but also in the Lambeth Conferences of 1998 and prior.

While I recognize the differences which divide many in our Diocese, I am committed to remain focused on that which unites us – Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Faithfully Yours in Christ,

+ Bill

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