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The New South Sudan: HealthLine Sudan

by Kevin and Donna Steckline

The last time I was in Sudan was 2001. Several attempts to return later were cancelled due to severe violence. Any thought of returning to Sudan appeared impossible. The thought of not continuing missions to Sudan seemed to make Deacon Maria Fenty’s death even more senseless.

After meeting with Rev. Cecil Wilson from Church Mission Society of Ireland (CMS-I) at convention, and hearing about a new project in Sudan, we knew the Lord was answering our prayers. There was a new initiative for health care in South Sudan, an exciting plan that would provide real help to our brothers and sisters in Sudan.

Our mission trip was met with all the appropriate people - each approving the “Health Line Sudan” project. Written acknowledgments to create new clinics were obtained from local governments, as well as the blessing from Archbishop Marona of the Diocese of South Sudan. Result? The first clinic will be built in Yei, close to the Uganda border and a prototype for future clinics. This effort is in conjunction with Dr. Ian Clark, developer of two hospitals and several clinics in Northern Uganda. It is hoped that eventually, health clinics will spread throughout South Sudan that will offer quality health care to our brothers and sisters.

Sudan has an estimated population of 35 million - and growing at an alarming rate. It recently emerged from a 21 year civil war with the northern government, and the 2 million refugees from 9 bordering countries are now returning back to their homeland. Many of them carry a multitude of diseases. (While in Maridi, three truck loads of refugees passed us to return to their home villages, and 500 captives were released from the LRA [Lord’s Resistance Army] in the middle of Maridi, all having no place to go.)

Our visits to Maridi and Yei were brief, but we witnessed an immense need of help and prayer. That burden has now been passed on to us, as well as the obligation to pass the burden on to the people of the Albany Diocese. Please pray for this program and the mission outreach that the Diocese is involved in. More information about mission initiatives may be found in the “Missions” section on the diocesan webpage.

God Bless,
Kevin & Donna Steckline

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