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Bishop Love Installed As 9th Bishop of Albany

On Sunday, February 4th, the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany was the setting for another historic moment in the diocese’s 139 year history. The Right Reverend William H. Love was installed as the 9th Bishop of Albany.

The entrance procession, comprised of crucifers, flag bearers, lay and cleric leaders, thorofers, men and boys’ choir, acolytes and vested clergy, singing the uplifting hymn, “For All The Saints,” provided an exciting opening for this major event.

It wasn’t long into the Service when the cathedral’s Dean, The Very Reverend Marshall J. Vang, officially welcomed Bishop Love to the High Altar Sanctuary. In a brief, but moving ceremonial gesture, the pastoral staff, symbol of the diocesan’s authority, was passed from Bishop Herzog to Bishop Love. Almost immediately after, Albany’s newest diocesan was escorted to the Cathedra, the traditional diocesan’s chair near the cathedral’s High Altar, and symbol of his office. Resounding, spontaneous applause, accompanied by a joyous sound of trumpets, then erupted to welcome Bishop Love.

Choral Evensong followed the traditional installation ceremony. Participants this day included the now retired Right Reverends Daniel W. Herzog, David S. Ball, and David J. Bena, the 8th and 7th Bishops of Albany and Bishop Suffragan, respectively. Lectors for the occasion were Bishop Love’s wife, Col. Karen Love, and daughter Catie. Both demonstrated their usual strong poise and graceful presence in delivering God’s message.

Bishop Love’s sermon focused on water, the symbol of life, and “that the meaning of life is found through our relationship with God.” Quoting Scripture’s reference to water, he added, “Whoever believes in me, streams of living water will flow forth within Him.” Bishop Love could not help but invoke a little humor, acknowledging that this was also Super Bowl Sunday. He promised the Service would end before the kick-off! He kept his promise with the Service ending 30 minutes before the game was scheduled to begin.

The ceremony ended with the singing of “Lift High the Cross,” as the newly installed diocesan recessed the cathedral. A reception followed in Pedersen Hall.

Historically, the Institution of a bishop brings with it a sense of new beginning, new hope, joy, and opportunity. Such was the case on February 4th, 2007 at the Cathedral of All Saints. Your prayers are requested for Albany’s newest bishop, the Rt. Rev. William H. Love, his family and the diocese.

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