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Diocese of Albany Consecrates Coadjutor September 16th
at Empire State Plaza Convention Center, Albany New York

September 16, 2006 marked a milestone in the life of the diocese of Albany. The Very Reverend William Howard Love was consecrated coadjutor and will become the Ninth Diocesan upon the retirement of current bishop, The Right Reverend Daniel W. Herzog.

Among the approximately 1200 people gathered to share in the celebration, all seven of the Albany priests who had been candidates along with Father Love, were in attendance; The Very Reverend Marshall Vang, was the Master of Ceremonies; The Reverend Doctor Shaw Mudge, Jr. testified to the Consents of the House of Deputies, The Reverend Doctor Christopher Brown was one of the musicians in the Contemporary Band; The Reverend Scott Harding and The Reverend Canon William Hinrichs were among the Con-celebrants; and the Reverend Walcott Hunter, and the Reverend Robert Witt were among the other clergy and laity who filled the Convention Center.

The service, which lasted just under 3 hours, started with a Malawi welcoming song performed by sisters from the Community of St. Mary. Sister Mary Elizabeth said ‘the young sisters from Malawi are unused to large crowds and relax when people clap along.’

At the end of the presentation Bishop Griswold said, “if any of you know any reason why we should not proceed, let it now be made known.” There were no objections, and the service continued with the Litany for Ordinations and the Ministry of the Word.

The sermon was preached by Father Michael Flynn, and he called everyone to choose to live in the fruit of the Tree of Life, rather than in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He gave five points to illustrate the differences and called both ‘liberal’ Christians and ‘conservative’ Christians to examine their own lives. He remarked several times that being ‘right’ was not the way to live in the Tree of Life, but by living the “red-print” and following Jesus’ teachings to turn the other cheek, pray for your enemies, and love one another as Jesus loved the church.

After the recessional, Bishop Love and the other Bishops processed out of the Convention Center, behind bagpiper Corinne DuBois. She led the way, out of the hall and over the few blocks to the Cathedral of All Saints, piping all the way. (No small feat, as much of it was uphill, and playing the bagpipes while marching uphill takes quite a lot of air.)

The Consecrator was ++Griswold

The Co-Consecrators were:
+Herzog, Bishop of Albany
+Bena, Bishop Suffragan of Albany
+Ball, Bishop of Albany, Retired
+Miller, Bishop of Down and Dromore (Ireland)

Participating Episcopal Bishops were:
+Adams of Central New York
+Beckwith of Springfield (Illinois)
+Duncan of Pittsburgh
+Scriven, Assistant Bishop of Pittsburgh
+Scruton of Western Massachusetts
+Sisk of New York

Attending was:
+Hubbard, Roman Catholic Bishop of Albany

The Right Reverend William H. Love was elected by a majority of both lay and clerical deputies to the diocesan special convention on March 25th, 2006. In June, his election received the consent of the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church. On September 16, he will be consecrated Bishop Coadjutor for the Diocese of Albany, and will automatically succeed The Right Reverend Daniel W. Herzog upon his retirement, which will take place no more than three years from the date of the consecration, or September 16, 2009.

The Right Reverend William Love is a native of Texas. He earned a Masters of Divinity from Nashotah House, (An Episcopal Seminary in Nashotah, Wisconsin) in 1991, and an M.S. in Education from SUNY Plattsburgh in 1988, and a B.A. in Journalism from Southwest Texas State in 1980. Bishop-elect Love was ordained deacon in 1991, and served on the staff of the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany, New York. Following his ordination as a priest in 1992, he became Rector at St. Mary’s Church in Lake Luzerne. He served as their rector for the past 14 years. His first parish visitation as a bishop was at St. Mary’s on Sunday, September 17.

He is married to Colonel Karen Love, New York Air National Guard and they have two teenage children, Chris and Catie.

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