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Canon III - Deputies and Provisional Deputies
To The General Convention

3.1 Election to General Convention

The Convention shall, at its next regular annual meeting following each regular session of the General Convention, elect by a vote by orders, four Priests, canonically resident in this Diocese, and four Lay Persons, who are confirmed, adult communicants of a church in this Diocese, to act as Deputies from this Diocese to the General Convention.

3.2 Election of Provisional Deputies

The Convention shall, at its next regular annual meeting following the election of Deputies to General Convention, also elect, four Priests and four Lay Persons to act as Provisional Deputies, whose qualifications for election shall be the same as those of Deputies to General Convention. This election shall be determined by taking a vote by orders ballot with the ballots counted in the aggregate. The four candidates of each order receiving the highest aggregate number of votes shall be deemed elected. All Deputies and Provisional Deputies to General Convention shall also serve as Deputies to Provincial Synod and shall hold office until their successors are elected.

3.3 Provisional Deputies

In case a Deputy-elect shall fail, after due and timely notice, to notify the Ecclesiastical Authority of his intention to attend the General Convention or the Provincial Synod, or shall be unable to attend, the Ecclesiastical Authority shall appoint a Provisional Deputy to serve as Deputy. Such Deputies shall be appointed from those Provisional Deputies elected a the Convention, the selection thereof determined in order of the highest aggregate number of votes received a such election.

3.4 Provisional Deputies

During the sessions of General Convention or Provincial Synod, the Bishop, upon the recommendation of the Chair of Deputation, may appoint Provisional Deputies to temporarily replace Deputies in accordance with the Rules of Order of the General Convention or Provincial Synod.



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