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East Africa

Photo credit: Fr. Shaw Mudge
132 million people in 1.8 million square kilometers.
Between 40 and 70 tribes in Kenya, alone, each with its own language.
In East Africa, third-world and first-world collide. Using charcoal fires for everyday cooking while making cell phone calls. Foot traffic on dirt roads while jet plane traffic crosses the skies, above the heads of lions, crocodiles, zebras, and giraffes.
Parishes and individuals in the Diocese of Albany have been supporting missionaries in East Africa for many years, such as Mary Sherwood. This webpage will focus mostly on Uganda and Kenya.
Beginning in the first decade of the 21st century, there were regular Diocesan missions trips to East Africa, especially short term missionary trips to southern South Sudan and Uganda. These trips included the first short-term mission trip to the Sudan which included Bishop Suffragan David Bena, and later, a mission trip to Uganda with the Rev. Mike Flynn, which included the Rev. William Love (before he became Bishop Diocesan). In 2012, the Rev. Dr. Shaw Mudge and the Rev. Julie Mudge enhanced the diocesan connection to East Africa with a site-visit to Uganda and Kenya in connection with SAMS (Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders), which included a visit to Church Army in Nairobi, Kenya.
In Nairobi, Kenya, Church Army is training evangelists and Lay Readers at Carlile College for all of East Africa, including Southern Sudan, Uganda, and Kenya. The big concern for Church leaders in East Africa is that the next generation will be lost, spiritually, if they do not act now.
They face many challenges: the aftermath of war, continuing tribal tensions, social breakdown, the threat of disease and drought, corruption, the effects of poverty, the need for trained clergy and lay leaders, and the ever present shadow of future genocides.
There is a race to see who wins the hearts and minds of the people. Will it be Islam? Anglicanism? Something else?
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