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Mosquito Net Program: HealthLine Sudan

The Sudan is the largest and one of the most geographically diverse countries in Africa. It is nearly the size of Europe. It has an estimated population of 35 million and has recently emerged from a 21 year civil war with the northern government. The brutal war is estimated to have cost the lives of 1.5 million people, with 2 million refugees in the 9 bordering countries who are now returning back to their homeland, many of them with a multitude of diseases.

HealthLine Sudan was started to raise awareness of the health problems of South Sudan. This concept of helping our brothers and sisters of South Sudan has developed from the joining of several Christian groups. The Church Mission Society of Ireland (CMS-I), Dr. Ian Clark former CMS missionary, Episcopal Diocese of Albany and Diocese of South Sudan have joined forces. The first pilot Primary Health Center will be constructed in the Diocese of Yei in South Sudan. This will be the first of several clinics to be built serving the people of South Sudan.

Malaria is a large problem of the health care in all of Africa. Every year, malaria kills 1-2 million people and infects 300-500 million. The disease is present in over 100 countries, threatening 40 percent of the world's population.

Malaria remains the single largest cause of death for children under five in Africa and it kills one child every thirty seconds worldwide. The disease also seriously affects children's future in that they may suffer neurological after-effects and impaired learning ability.

Therefore this is one area we can focus on helping these people because prevention of Malaria is simple. Sleeping under mosquito nets can drastically cut down the rate of Malaria especially in children and the cost is minimal. Less than $10.00 can buy a treated mosquito net that will last for 5 years and can protect multiple children from the terrible diseases that mosquitoes can spread.

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