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Franciscan Community of the Holy Cross is Growing

In April 2004, Bishop Herzog invested nine members with the San Damiano Cross and admitted them into a formal process of "novitiate." That event was the official beginning of the Franciscan Community of the Holy Cross in the Diocese of Albany. Since then, Franciscan membership has grown to thirty five…and continues to grow.

A year later, at the June 2005 Convention, Bishops Dan and Dave invested fifteen postulants as new novices into the Community, and the original nine made their Life-time Profession of vows to "Live the Gospel" as a community. In October 2005, two others began another community in Sidney with six new postulants.

The focus of the Franciscan movement is on growing in the relationship with Jesus Christ, crucified and risen; on mutual support and accountability; and, on "rebuilding the Church.” This was St. Francis' own original call to ministry.

The program of "Formation" includes 6 months as "postulants" (a discernment and growth process) followed by at least 18 months as "novices" (a time of growing toward a full commitment to keeping the Rule). After that period of time, novices may be invited to make their profession of vows. The entire process normally takes two years, but can take a longer time.

To-date, three communities have taken names: San Damiano (St. Andrew's, Scotia) The Junipers (the northern part of the Diocese) and the St. Clares (Susquehanna group), comprising a total membership of thirty five.

For more information on the St. Francis Community of the Holy Cross, contact The Rev. Ellen Neufeld.

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