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Bishop's Retirement Information

Retirement Gifts: The Bishops have asked that no collection be taken for an individual gift or purse for presentation to them personally. Instead, they would be honored if a collection could be taken earmarked toward the construction of the new Adult Lodge at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center. Once again, they would both prefer to direct every effort toward the mission and ministries of the Church, rather than receive something of personal benefit.

This would provide the members of each Deanery with a wonderful opportunity to show their appreciation of our Bishops while contributing to this worthwhile project. Parishes and parishioners wishing to honor our bishops on their retirement are welcome to forward their contribution to:
The Diocese of Albany, 68 South Swan Street, Albany, NY 12210
Checks should be made out to Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

Please write: “Bishop’s Gift” and your deanery name on the check notation line.

Best Wishes Book: We are also inviting as many people as possible to submit an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper with a personal message of appreciation. These messages may be typed or hand written; and they may be signed by individuals, couples or families. You may want to paste or photocopy onto your own sheet of paper a picture that was have taken of one or both Bishops at a Confirmation Service or at a wedding, a parish visitation, or pictures of yourself with the Bishops. Feel free to use pictures of just yourselves with a message from you.. We would also invite the inclusion of invitations to weddings or ordinations the Bishops have conducted and to use your creativity. The pictures or invitations can be pasted or photocopied onto a page together with a personal note. Please leave a one-inch strip along the left hand 11”edge unused, so that the page can later be bound. The pages will be bound and a book of these pages given to each Bishop, so use separate sheets for each Bishop you wish to write a note to. Please do not put notes to both Bishops together on a single sheet of paper. It would also be helpful if you noted on each sheet (a Post-It) whether it should be bound in Bp. Herzog's or Bp. Bena's book.

Sheets should be given to a staff member at the Parish Leadership Conference, or call the Diocesan Offices for more information.

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