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Beaver Cross 2006

by Chris Copeland, Youth Director

“I wish I had known about this place sooner! I love it here.” This was said to me by a first time camper as we walked to the Welcome Center following the final closing ceremony of the season. He had originally only been signed up to come to the previous week’s camp session, but had such a great time that he came back for a second session. For me it was a great way to top off an excellent summer camp season. To see this young man, a sophomore in high school, come to a camp where many of the other campers have been coming since early elementary aged, and be so totally accepted and drawn in is the epitome of what we do at Beaver Cross. Building Community in Christ isn’t just a tag line; it is a deeply rooted ethos of what we do each year. And this camper had experienced it and knew he wanted more.

Helping to build this Community in Christ was the phenomenal summer staff team who exceeded all expectations and really helped make the 2006 season the success it was. I firmly believe that the biggest asset we have at Beaver Cross is this committed team of folks who work very hard to ensure that each camper has a great experience. We were also blessed with an outstanding group of clergy who gave up a week of their time to volunteer their services. Their presence at camp is greatly appreciated and valued. Also much appreciated are the volunteers who give of their time and talents to help make our camp the special place it is.

If you had a chance to visit the camp this summer, you probably noticed one of our newest additions to Beaver Cross. The much beloved bus! All throughout the summer you could see the bus transporting swimmers to the lake, fishers to the pond, and rescuing campers caught in sudden downpours. We wish to thank David and Roberta Sullivan for this much appreciated gift which gave campers more time for fun and programs.

This year also saw the beginning of the St. Mary’s Hospital camp. St. Mary’s is a children’s hospital in New York City that was established by the Sisters of St. Mary in 1870. Through their continued relationship, the Sisters and the hospital have worked with CtK Center to develop a camp for children served by the hospital. This year we held a 3 day camp for a group of children from the hospital and it was an amazing experience. Plans are underway to expand this program for the 2007 season and beyond.

As always, thank you to the Diocese, parishes, parents, and campers for your continued support of Beaver Cross. As you can see, great things are happening. We pray that this camp can continue to be a place where lives are transformed, friendships grown, and leaders developed in a Christian camp setting.

Thanks also to the entire staff at Christ the King for helping in so many ways. Beaver Cross would not exist without their hard work and support.

The 2006 Summer Camp Team:

Cabin Counselors
Peggy DuJack
Michelle Galo
Elizabeth Griffin
Jessica Hardy
Graceanne Necaster
Erin Patterson
Laura Seestadt
Adam Barrett
Justin Bruce
Steven Stewart
Matthew Unright
Matthew Zager
Alex Taylor Amanda Hartnett Joseph Taylor

Tina Mitchell, Asst. Dir./ Ropes Course
Sarah Bena, Camp Youth Minister
Megan Goldsmith, Program Director
Julie Quackenbush, Program Director
Susan Percoco, Arts and Crafts
Vince Walsh, Nature and Wildlife
Jack Parker, Fishing

Medical and Safety
Judy Gray, Medical Team
Sheila Smith, Medical Team
Janelle Bashant, Lifeguard
Matthew Bunio, Lifeguard
Jessica Hardy, Lifeguard
Tiffanie Benway, Water Safety Instructor

John Boyd, Medical Team
Nicole Humiston, Medical Team
Jack Parker, Fishing
Bea Hersh-Tudor, C.I.T.
Michelle Benson, C.I.T.
Jenny McAvoy, from Belfast, UK
Jennifer Elliott, from Belfast, UK

Tim Col, Maintenance
Eric Quackenbush, Maintenance
Sherry Brockway, Nanny/Babysitter
Jon Leinhart, Floating Counselor

Rev. Sue Cole
Fr. Joel Grigg
Fr. Ted Monica
Fr. John Scott
Dcn. Faye Vandermark
Dcn. Roy Vandermark

Visit our website (www.beavercross.com) for news and information concerning the 2007 season. If you would like to request a brochure for yourself or a friend, please call the camp office at 518 692-9550 and we will be sure you are added to the mailing list.

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