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Episcopal Charities of Albany Offers Grants for Eye Care

Episcopal Charities of Albany offers direct assistance in the form of grants to indigent persons regardless of faith, who are in need of eye care, or who otherwise suffer from eye disorders, and are unable to afford such eye care of necessary related services. Grants are limited to eye examinations, the purchase of eye glasses, and purchase of special equipment or medication needed by an individual by reason of his or her suffering from eye disease and surgical procedures to restore or maintain normal vision.

Grant awards are limited to a maximum $1,000 per grant and to those residing within the 19 counties of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany (northeastern New York State.)

Eye care applications are reviewed throughout the calendar year. Those who feel they may qualify for an eye care grant can apply by contacting the ECA Administrator here or writing to Episcopal Charities of Albany, 68 S. Swan Street, Albany, NY 12210, or calling the Administrator, Lay Canon George Marshall at (518)465-4737 ext. 211.

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