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Men’s Ministry in the Diocese - a Faith in Action

On February 17th approximately 50 men representing 20 different churches in the Albany Diocese and several denominations met for breakfast, prayer, study, and Christian encouragement at Calvary Church, Burnt Hills. The theme for the men’s gathering was "Courage and Strength: Our Faith in Action. The Brotherhood of St Andrew at Calvary Church, Burnt Hills, Christ Church, Ballston Spa, and St George’s Clifton Park co-hosted the one day event.

The guest speaker was Shawn Buice from the Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Trinity Baptist Church in Niskayuna, NY. His message was that of the courage and strength exhibited by Noah at a time when the world seemed to be crumbling from many perspectives. “Noah was held up as an example and challenge to men that we would live righteous lives, walk with God, and do what God asks of us.” Shawn emphasized theneed for men to strive for this goal even though many fall short of Noah’s example. “We need to do this in spite of the fact that our world, like Noah’s, seems to be in disrepair at many levels. In fact, because our tendency is to veer off-course we need to have a sense of God’s vision for our lives so that we can make excellent decisions and realign ourselves with God’s course when we stray.” The message was a timely call to Lenten reflection and repentance.

The Eucharist was shared with celebrants Fr John Scott of Calvary Church and Fr. Bill Hinrichs of St. George’s, Clifton Park. A challenge directed towards those attending was to “consider not just whose shoulders we rest on in building God’s Kingdom, but who will rest on OUR shoulders as Christian leaders and examples.”

The possibility of starting a Brotherhood of St. Andrew chapter in the Diocese was raised, adding a belief that such an organization could help bring men together in Christ’s name - and done at the parish, diocesan and national church levels. The Brotherhood was incorporated by an Act of the U.S. Congress signed on May 30, 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt. The act stated, "the sole object of said corporation shall be the spread of Christ's Kingdom among men. Thus began the Brotherhood of St. Andrew.

Members are called Brothers Andrew and are required to accept and observe the Brotherhood disciplines of Prayer, Study and Service. Chapters usually meet once or twice per month in Episcopal and Anglican churches.

Any baptized Christian man may be a member of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew. However, only men who are confirmed in an Anglican or Episcopal church or a church in communion with the Anglican or Episcopal Church may become a chapter, regional or national officer. More information can be found on the Diocesan web site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Albany_Diocese_Brotherhood_of_St_Andrew/

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