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December, 2008

11 Graduate from Nashota House Seminary

"The Albany Diocese Health Ministry" - Micki Thomas

"Justified! Reading Romans with Wesley and Luther" - The Rev. Canon Dr. Christopher Brown

"Can Christmas Be Saved?" - The Rev. William Love

The Twelve Days of Christmas

"A Christmas Card to our Troops" - Anne Simon

"I'm Waiting for a Great Big God" - Mother Laurie Garramone-Rohr

December, 2007

"Was Jesus God?" - The Rev. Dr. Canon Christopher Brown

Bishop Love's Christmas Message 2007

"Sudan 2007" - Kevin Steckline

"Confirmation Letters" - The Rev. Laurie Garramone-Rohr

"Depression:Prayer and Prozac!" - The Rev. Nigel Mumford

The Twelve Days of Christmas

October, 2007

"The 139th Annual Diocesan Convention" - Lay Canon George Marshall

"Belfast Revisited" - The Rev. Nigel Mumford

"The Things We Take For Granted – The Blessings We Miss" - The Rt. Rev. Bill Love

Canterbury House - A Harbor For the Aging

"Whose Anglicanism? Reflections on Our Past" - The Rev. Dr. Canon Christopher Brown

"Self-Direction at the End of the Day" - The Rev. Laurie Garramone-Rohr

"The Armor of God" - The Rev. Jacob Muiruri

"Living As Christians In A Non-Christian World" - The Rev. Douglas Anderson

April, 2007

"The New South Sudan: HealthLine Sudan" - Kevin and Donna Steckline

2006 Parish Assessments Summary

Clergy In Transistion

Bishop Love Installed as 9th Bishop of Albany

Building A Comprehensive Vision of Care

"Connecting Families to Christ" - Nate Bostian

"Date Night With God" - The Rev'd Laurie Garramone-Rohr

Episcopal Charities of Albany Offers Grants for Eye Care

From the Editor - Canon George Marshall

"Living as Christians in a Non-Christian World" - The Rev'd Douglas Anderson

Men's Ministry in the Diocese

"A Not So Empty Tomb?" - The Rev'd Dr. Canon Christopher Brown

"Revival, Salvation and Healing this Eastertide" - The Rev'd Nigel Mumford

Statement from Bishop William Love

November, 2006

Top Ten C.S. Lewis Quotes

A Letter From Bishop Dan

"A Good Case of Nostalgia" - Bishop Dave Bena

"A Word of Thanks" - Bishop Bill Love

"Rethinking the “Three-Legged Stool”" - The Rev. Dr. Canon Christopher Brown

"Honduras 2006" - The Rev'd Gus Calvo, FHC

The Very Reverend William H. Love Consecrated, Bishop Coadjutor of Albany

"“Faith Alive” in the Diocese of Albany" - Tom Gizara

"Protecting His Kids" - Deacon Laurie Garramone-Rohr

A Letter to the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church

"Looking Back on the 75th General Convention" - Lay Cn. George J. Marshall

"The Sign on the Desk" - The Rev'd Nigel Mumford

"A Third Grader's Explanation of God" - Danny Dutton, age 8

"Beaver Cross 2006" - Chris Copeland

June, 2006

"Do not be anxious about anything!" - The Rev'd Nigel Mumford

"Jesus was a volunteer" - Deacon Laurie M. Garramone-Rohr

Infirmirary Ground Breaking at SLC

Letter from Bishop Elect Love

The Bishop Coadjutor Election Convention - Lay Cn. George J. Marshall

Update on Dioceses of Albany & Down And Dromore

"Convention 2006 – "Trinity" " - Bishop Dan Herzog

"Why Bishops?" - The Rev. Dr. Canon Christopher Brown

Letter from Bishop Dan

The Holy Trinity – A Concept Past Its Prime? - Bishop Dave Bena

"First Junior Daughters of the King in the Diocese of Albany" - Amelia Brown

"A Visit With The Loves" - George Marshall

The Ordinands at Convention

Other News

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