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Online Exclusive: Local rector elevated to bishop in Episcopal Diocese

by Melissa Guay

Photo of The Rev'd William Love LAKE LUZERNE -- William Love, rector of St. Mary's Church in Lake Luzerne, was recently elected bishop coadjutor for the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

The position's duty entails taking over the office of bishop of the Diocese of Albany within three years of Love's being ordained coadjutor.

According to Love, requirements for being nominated to the position are that a nominee must be a priest of good standing within the Anglican community that is at least 30 years old.

Love said that when current Bishop Daniel Herzog called for the election of bishop coadjutor, "It was not something I wanted or dreamed of or aspired to."

Love said after being approached several times for nomination by "a very dear friend, Father Alan Macnab of Lake Placid, who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer," he began re-examining his reasons for not wanting the position.

"I felt challenged by God for saying 'no.' My reasons were based on fear of my own inadequacies, the great responsibility of the position, and the sacrifice my family would have to make. After much praying, I felt that God was challenging me in that. The Lord seemed to be telling me he had a different plan for me," Love said.

Love called his election to bishop coadjutor "an act of faith and obedience," stating that there is at least one more major hurdle before he can be ordained to the position.

According to Love, he must first be confirmed to the position by the National House of Bishops. The vote, and anticipated ratification is set for this June, with Love's official ordaining to bishop coadjutor scheduled for Sept. 16.

Love said that the new position is a bit bittersweet for him, as he will have to resign as rector of St. Mary's, where he has been for nearly 14 years.

"This year marks my 14th anniversary of being ordained, and I've spent all but a month of my priesthood at St. Mary's. I love the people of St. Mary's and the community of Luzerne and Hadley," Love said.

Love did say that he and his family plan to remain living in the community so that his daughter can stay in the same school district.

"My son is graduating this year, but my daughter is in the seventh grade and pretty well-established in the school system. Of course we'll have to move out of the rectory, but we're planning on staying in the community," Love said.

Love said he is looking forward to working with Bishop Herzog if he should decide to stay the three years, and that after he is ordained bishop he hopes to build upon, rather than change, what Herzog has worked to already set in place.

"Bishop Dan (Herzog) and Bishop Dave (Bena) already have things going in the right the direction. My main goal is to live up to the responsibilities of the position, remain faithful to the Scriptures, and hopefully be an instrument of love and healing," Love said.

"The church is having a hard time lately, with a lot of hurt and pain and division. I think the Diocese of Albany, especially with the Christ is King Spiritual Life Center, is in an excellent position to bring revitalization and healing throughout the Northeast and the country. I hope to help facilitate that. That being said, I can't do any of that apart from God," Love said.

Love said he hopes his service as bishop is marked with the message of faith as a healing ministry, and that he hopes to help develop healing ministries like the one in the Spiritual Life Center in individual parishes throughout the diocese.

Love said he is "honored and humbled and excited and terrified" to be elected to the position, and that he is going to "pray and trust the holy spirit to guide me."

"And I appreciate all the prayers and support I can get."

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