Diocesan Update - July 26, 2010

Mission Trip to Thailand

 Deacon James Brisbin leaves for Thailand tomorrow, Tuesday, July 27. It’s a 26 hour flight from Albany via Seattle and Tokyo. You can follow his mission trip to the refugee camps at his blog: whenbrokenglassfloats.com   (no www ) . Donations to fund this mission trip are welcomed and may be sent to St. David’s Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 475, East Greenbush, NY 12061. On the memo line put: Thailand Mission Trip.

 Peru Mission Trip Update 7/23 – 7/25

 This morning (7/23), we did not realize that last night was a 40 year low temperature for Peru, at 8 degrees C or about 46 degrees F. The days are considerably warmer.

 Work continued at the Christ the King Diocesan Center and the Mission of the Ascension in the District of Surco.

 Accomplishments and noted events:

 Ø   Finished the wall mural for the nursery at the Mission of the Ascension. The mural represents coastal, sierra, and jungle areas of Peru. From the seminarian graduate, the mission team painters learned quite a lot about painting, and about praying a picture while painting it.

 Ø   The NGO office room painting project was completed at the Diocesan Center. Bishop Bill and Karen were awesome in this endeavor.  

Ø   A printed banner for the Mission of the Ascension (a banner which included service times) was hung outside the building for the public to see.

Ø   Two interior wall hangings (used in the former building for the Mission of the Ascension) were put up today. One depicted the resurrection of Jesus, and the other depicted the Ascension of Jesus.

Ø   Dismantled and removed a rather aging and somewhat oxidized playground from the back area of the Diocesan Center. Sounds easier to do than it was. An awesome effort by the team.

Ø   Most of the team joined with members of the Mission of the Ascension to go out into the neighborhood to invite people in the neighborhood to the Sunday healing service this coming Sunday morning 7/25. Our Peruvian neighborhood hosts really liked our team and would like to do this again if possible. the greater reception to our healing service invitation was in the lower middle class neighborhood in Surco, and our time there was awesome, for everyone.

Ø   Five members of the team attended a Bible Study in a home in the Brena District of Lima. The Bible study had 25 people fitting into a very small living room. This mission (associated with the Bible study) is a church plant of the Mission of the Ascension in Surco. A Mission creating another Mission.

Ø   Youth ministry at a mission in the Villa El Salvador section of Lima in the morning. A photo is attached.

Ø   Catching up on things like laundry, changing money, preparing for tomorrow, and taking a walk through a park in the Miraflores District of Lima with a good view of the ocean.

Ø   Fr. Mike Chapman (Bishop Suffragan – elected) resided at the Holy Eucharist. Bishop Bill preached (and it was translated by a team member into Spanish). The Diocese of Albany team led the congregation in two of the worship songs. The Healing Service was led by Bishop Bill Love. Four prayer teams from the group were set up in the different corners around the room. One team was joined by Judith Godfrey (wife of Bp. Bill Godfrey, Bishop of Peru) and by Linda Chapman (Fr. Mike’s wife). 

Ø   Enjoyed famous Peruvian hospitalitywith a thank-you lunch hosted by Mission of the Ascension. They hope this is the beginning of a continuing relationship between the Diocese of Albany and the parish of La Ascension.

Ø   Following lunch, Amelia Brown gave an excellent visual presentation in Spanish to everyone, about the Diocese of Albany.


Ø   Sunday evening after about a 45 minute drive, we enjoyed a different kind of Holy Eucharist, at the anniversary celebration of the mission of Jesus El Salvador in the District of Villa El Salvador, a mission at Fr Mudge & Mtr Mudge had been serving earlier this year. The service lasted from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. Several of the people at this service were people that the team had been meeting during the week. Our bus driver and his family joined us for the service; he particularly liked the worship band.


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